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Vendor management template

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Optimize your vendor management with Workiom's Vendor Management Template! Select vendors, negotiate contracts, control costs, and ensure service delivery with Workiom
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Selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, controlling costs and ensuring service delivery. Bring all your vendor-related processes to one place by using Workiom's Vendor Management template. Have backup plans for critical deliveries, know who to contact, access the past and present contracts and detailed notes in a few seconds.

Why use Workiom's vendor management template?

Workiom's vendor management template isn't just a tool; it's a comprehensive platform for streamlining vendor-related processes. In a world where vendor relationships play a critical role, this template simplifies vendor selection, contract management, and service monitoring.

  • Efficient vendor selection: Streamline the vendor selection process, ensuring you choose the right partners.
  • Confident negotiations: Negotiate contracts with confidence, backed by data and insights.
  • Cost control: Keep a tight grip on costs and allocate resources effectively.
  • Service excellence: Ensure timely and high-quality service delivery, every time.

How to use the vendor management template

Take control of your vendor management processes with Workiom's vendor management template. Simplify vendor selection, contract negotiations, and service delivery tracking.

Step-by-step guide

  • Vendor selection: Gather vendor proposals and evaluate vendor options.
  • Contract negotiations: Streamline contract negotiations and approval processes.
  • Cost control: Monitor vendor expenses and budget allocation.
  • Service delivery tracking: Ensure timely and quality service delivery.


Automation & integration

Featured automations

  • Effortless contract renewals: Stay on top of contract renewals with automated reminders.
  • Vendor approval workflow: Simplify vendor onboarding with an automated workflow that takes vendors from assessment to approval smoothly.

Integrated features

  • Google Contacts for vendor contact management.
  • PandaDoc for contract creation and e-signatures.
  • Google Docs for contract collaboration.

Views and visualization

List of views
  • Board view: Visualize vendors and contracts in a Kanban-style board.
  • List view: View vendor and contract details in an organized list format.
  • Doc view: Access and collaborate on contract documents.

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