Empowering Electrip Global's energy revolution and operations

Discover how Electrip Global found a reliable partnership with Workiom, to streamline and enhance its operational efficiency!

Get to know Electrip Global

Electrip Global is a company that specializes in sustainable charging solutions and energy efficiency, with a European start and global ambitions, leveraging technology for environmental stewardship. A direct subsidiary of Kuwait Investment Authority, and the leading global energy company Zorlu Enerji.

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Electrip is driving the electric vehicle revolution by expanding a high-power charging network in cities and along highways. Offering fast, public charging and workplace installations upon request, Electrip makes EV ownership easier and accelerates adoption.



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Electric power generation

The challenge

Electrip Global was confronted with significant operational challenges that hindered its mission to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Europe. These challenges collectively posed a threat to the scalability and effectiveness of Electrip Global's operations. As follows:

  • Installation planning:
    Needed a systematic process to determine optimal locations for electric charging stations.
  • Travel management:
    Required a seamless system for managing travel requests, including flight reservations and accommodations.
  • Expense tracking:
    Demanded an efficient method to track and manage expenses incurred during business visits.

The solution

Workiom responded to these challenges with a tailored suite of solutions designed to streamline Electrip Global's operational framework:

  • Back-office operations module: Workiom developed a module to optimize Electrip Global's Finance, Accounting, and HR operations. This solution enhances efficiency in reviewing, auditing, and reporting, ensuring seamless integration with other operational modules. It improves transparency and compliance, empowering key departments to perform more effectively.
  • Travel coordination module: Workiom introduced a user-friendly module for seamless submission and management of travel requests, covering all aspects from flight bookings to accommodation arrangements and centralizing travel-related communications.
  • Expense management module: To tackle the inefficiencies in expense tracking, Workiom's solution enabled cash advances that allowed employees to easily record and submit expenses including business trip requests, organizational approvals, tickets and bookings, cash advances, expense declarations, finance reviews, and payments, promoting transparency and accuracy in financial reporting.

The results

Workiom enhanced efficiency in field operations planning with streamlined business trips planning and expense management.

The implementation of Workiom's custom solutions yielded significant improvements across Electrip Global's operations:

  • Project scope and timeline: Initially set for a 6-month duration, the project was successfully commissioned in just 2 weeks with the assistance of Workiom, marking a significant acceleration.
  • Operational efficiency: A remarkable 95% improvement was realized in the efficiency of email and paper operations within the related processes.
  • Executive approvals: The process for executive approvals was fully transitioned to a mobile environment, achieving a 100% adoption rate.
"By collaborating with Workiom, we have transitioned our business processes to a digital environment, thereby accelerating our operations. We have rapidly implemented both Travel Management & Expense Management projects into live operation, using easy-to-use designs, without the need for any coding."

Gizem Kul | Project Manager - Electrip Global.


Workiom's bespoke solutions have not only fulfilled but surpassed Electrip Global's operational efficiency expectations. This collaboration underscores Workiom's capability to adapt and deliver in diverse industry settings, affirming its position as a versatile and powerful no-code application development platform. Electrip Global's success story is a testament to the potential of digital transformation in driving businesses forward in today's fast-paced world.