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Expense Tracking Template

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Keep your finances in check with Workiom's Expense Tracking Template! Organize expenses, create accounts, and track cash flow all in one place. Try it now!
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Navigate your financial waters with ease using Workiom’s Expense Tracking template. A meticulously designed tool that empowers you to manage, track, and visualize your expenses and revenues, ensuring a clear perspective of the cash flow across various accounts.

Why use Workiom's expense tracking template?

Workiom’s Expense Tracking template is a meticulously crafted solution, designed to manage and track every financial detail, from expenses to revenues, ensuring a transparent and efficient financial operation without the complexity of traditional financial tools.

  • Transparent Financial Management: Track every detail from expenses to revenues.
  • Detailed Account and Customer Lists: Manage detailed information of accounts and customers.
  • Customizable: Tailor the template to your specific needs with just a few tweaks.
  • Integrated Workflows: Connect with other Workiom apps like Inventory Management, CRM, and more.

How to use expense tracking  template

Navigate through your financial management process with a template that ensures every expense and revenue is set, tracked, and managed in a transparent and measurable manner.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Manage Cost Centers: Add and manage categories for your expenses.
  2. Manage Expenses: Add and manage details for each expense.
  3. Manage Revenues: Add and manage details for each revenue.
  4. Manage Accounts: Create and manage accounts to track the total expense and revenue for each one.
  5. Manage Customers: Add and manage details for each customer, linking them with each expense or revenue record.


Automation & integration

Featured automations
  • Automated notifications for expense and revenue updates.
  • Automated reminders for payment deadlines.
Integrated outreach with Zapier
  • Google Workspace for collaborative editing and financial management.
  • Dropbox for seamless document and receipt sharing.

Views and visualization

List of views
  • Table view: For a detailed overview of expenses, revenues, and accounts.
  • Board view: Visualize the progression of expenses and revenues through various stages.
  • Calendar view: Keep track of all payment deadlines and revenue dates.

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