Workiom's transformative approach in Renault service network

Explore Renault's auditing transformation with Workiom, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction in complex service networks.

Meet Renault!

Renault Mais, the representative of a tradition of crafting and evolving automobiles since 1898 in Turkey, commits to innovation, connectivity, and sustainability.

Pioneering in Europe and Turkey, it's backed by OYAK's strength, pushing forward with the Renaulution vision to optimize electric mobility. 

The company is transitioning from an automobile manufacturer to a technology entity, aiming for a carbon-neutral future, all while honoring its heritage of innovation and sustainable progress.







Audit management



The challenge

Renault Turkey's service network, encompassing 13 regions and numerous service providers, was grappling with the complexity of auditing and coordination. The intricate structure required a robust system for consistent, thorough monthly audits, tailored to each service location's unique dynamics. The auditing process needed to be comprehensive, accommodating a blend of quantitative and qualitative assessments to suit diverse management styles and operational specifics. Key challenges included:

  • Auditing and coordination complexity: Managing a detailed structure with varying operational dynamics in each service location.
  • Diverse auditing requirements: Catering to a mix of quantitative and qualitative assessments, demanding flexibility for different management styles and operational nuances.

The solution

Workiom crafted a bespoke solution to navigate these challenges:

  • Customized auditing framework: A dynamic and adaptable auditing system was developed, allowing for in-depth evaluations, diverse data recording, and the initiation of follow-up tasks. This system was attuned to the diverse management approaches and operational specifics within Renault's service network
  • Dynamic reporting and analysis: The solution included an advanced reporting mechanism with a detailed scoring system for each service location and region, essential for actionable insights, trend analysis, and guiding strategic decisions towards continual improvement.
  • System flexibility and security: The system was designed to be flexible, accommodating ad-hoc audits and question adjustments to maintain relevance and efficacy. Advanced permission settings were integrated to protect the integrity and precision of the audit data.

General automations example

The results

The deployment of Workiom's custom solution brought about notable advancements:

  • Enhanced operational standards and service quality: The comprehensive and adaptable auditing system significantly improved service quality and operational standards within Renault Turkey's service network.
  • Streamlined auditing process: The solution not only streamlined the auditing procedure but also reinforced decision-making capabilities.
  • Culture of improvement and accountability: It cultivated a culture of continuous improvement and accountability, permeating through the service network.


The collaboration between Renault Mais and Workiom marks a significant milestone in harnessing digital innovation to tackle complex operational challenges. This case study serves as a testament to how a customized, data-driven approach can substantially enhance organizational efficiency and establish new standards for industry practices.