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Saudi Finance Ministry excels in task management and data agility with Workiom. A tale of tech transformation & productivity.

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The Ministry of Finance in Saudi Arabia directs fiscal policies and manages government resources. Established to support the country's economic stability and growth, it works within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to diversify the economy and reduce oil dependency.



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Task management



The challenge

The Ministry of Finance's project faced several operational hurdles that were critical to its successful execution. Each challenge, essential to the project's goals, demanded targeted strategies and solutions to ensure the project's objectives were met. Some of the challenges are:

  • Managing task assignments for Accrual Accounting Ambassadors to ensure on-time delivery across different departments and entities in KSA.
  • Filling requests as they come.
  • Training new incomers.
  • Assigning new Accrual Accounting Ambassadors.
  • Collecting feedback.

The Solution

Workiom responded to these challenges with a tailored suite of solutions designed to streamline the ministry of finance's project objectives:

  • Implemented a versatile task management app: Designed to handle the diverse needs and structures of different departments within the ministry. By allowing customization for each sector, Workiom's solution ensures that every entity can manage its tasks efficiently, improving overall productivity and operational coherence across the ministry.
  • Developed a robust feedback collection tool: Workiom provided a seamless mechanism for collecting and managing feedback and requests through internal forms. This allowed the ministry to engage effectively with its stakeholders, facilitating improvements and adjustments in real-time. Such a feature is essential for maintaining transparency and responsiveness, enhancing the service delivery of the ministry.
  • Centralized critical information storage: Workiom ensures that staff across various departments have easy and immediate access to necessary documents and training materials. This central repository supports consistent training and adherence to processes, which is crucial for the effective functioning of the ministry.
  • Arabic language support: Workiom integrates Arabic language support, enhancing usability and ensuring a seamless experience for Arabic-speaking users.
  • Customization for government compliance: Workiom's custom branding and Saudi Arabia-based hybrid cloud hosting adhere to local regulations and ensure data sovereignty for government entities.

The Results

Workiom's implementation led to significant improvements across the project’s execution:

  • Automated task management: Tasks are evenly distributed and followed up through automation, ensuring fair workload distribution and timely completion with reminders for deadlines.
  • Access control: The system allows for granular control over data access, with specific teams and permissions settings that enable task assignment and completion without compromising data privacy.
  • Ambassador management automation: Streamlines the approval and rejection process for ambassador requests, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention.
  • Performance insights: Advanced reporting offer insights into accountant performances and the effectiveness of various entities or sectors, supporting informed decision-making.


Acknowledging the operational hurdles of the Ministry of Finance's project, Workiom's solutions led to significant improvements in task management and ambassador coordination. 

The platform's automation and customization boosted operational efficiency and provided strategic insights. This marks a pivotal step in streamlining processes and underscores the Ministry's dedication to innovation.