EMAAR: Empowering facilities management with Workiom

In this captivating case study, dive into the success story of Emaar and Workiom as they revolutionize facilities management in shopping malls.

Success Story with EMAAR

Emaar Türkiye , branch of Emaar properties which is a real-estate company that was established in 1997 in the United Arab Emirates, and is being led by Mr.Mohamed Alabbar. Emaar Türkiye manages a lot of shopping malls and is famous for its pioneering projects such as Burj Khalifa,  Emaar has expanded on an international level, providing the industry with more innovations and sustainability among others.







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The challenge

Facing significant challenges in handling numerous proposals, contracts, and compliance tasks, Emaar Türkiye partnered with Workiom to develop a tailored solution that centralized data storage and management, significantly improving operations and enhancing the tenant experience.

Facility managers in mega malls encountered various operational challenges that disrupted efficient management:

  • Managing tenants effectively while ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Tasks such as tracking applications, audits, and insurance checks are time-consuming and prone to inefficiencies.

Workiom's solution:

To address these challenges, Workiom provided a comprehensive solution designed to optimize facility management:

  • Tenant Operations Management: Implemented CRM system that streamlined tenant operations, simplifying processes such as visit forms, proposals, and agreements.
Report dashboard
  • Compliance Management: Provided tools for conducting regular audits of tenant spaces and automate reminders for compliance-related tasks and insurance checks, ensuring adherence to regulations and standards.
  • Application Management: The online form system simplified the application process, eliminating the need for frequent website updates and proposal reviews.

Results and benefits:

Implementing Workiom’s solutions has led to several significant benefits for facility management:

  • Reduction in Coordination Efforts: Emaar’s facility managers experienced a significant decrease in coordination efforts, enabling them to focus more on core responsibilities.
  • Increased Productivity and Tenant Satisfaction: Streamlined processes led to increased productivity among facility managers and improved tenant satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: Centralized data storage and easy access to information facilitated better collaboration and communication between teams and stakeholders, improving overall efficiency.
Collaboration & communication


Emaar Türkiye partnership with Workiom constitutes a strong and crucial step toward digitized and smart maintenance of facilities. Through Workiom's Solution, Emaar has not only optimized the operational process but also brought about the levels of satisfaction of tenants.

What is notable is the fact that the manifestation of technology and the real estate sector can be stated as proof of the fact that technology can be an indispensable part of the real estate sector. That is reducing unnecessary information and confirmations across various teams. In this case, such partnership shows the way how development for other companies and their product can be recognized by customers in many aspects of operations.