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Product Planning Template

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Easily plan and track your product development process with Workiom's Product Planning Template! Manage issues, sprints, releases, and more all in one convenient location. Try it now!
Use This Template

There are lots of options to tailor the template to your wishes. So, it will come in handy for young and aspiring startups designing their first concept as well as mature organizations with established procedures and several clients.

This template is a base for planning agile software development workload. Issues, sprint planning, scheduling releases, organising feature ideas and tracking the development of each feature with a kanban board. If you want to integrate product management with all the other work management tools in Workiom, this template offers you a basic structure and as always the flexibility for customisation according to your special needs. You can also create new reports to track the performance of your team in each sprint.

Product Planning Template has 4 lists:

  • Issues: Create, organise, prioritise and schedule each issue with this list. Each developer can see only the issues assigned to him/her in ‘My Issues’ view. Track the status of new features or improvements on a pipeline view with ‘Features’ view.
  • Sprints: Plan the workload of each sprint by connecting issues to sprints. Keep a log of what has been done in each sprint.
  • Tags: Categorise your issues with tags for better organisation and to be able to access everything easily when you need to.
  • Releases: Schedule product, version releases with the issues solved in every release. Easily create release reports with this list.

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