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Marketing Asset Management Template

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Manage your marketing assets with ease using Workiom's Marketing Asset Management Template! Archive, categorize, and access all your marketing assets quickly and efficiently. Try it now!
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Archive, categories and easily reach to all your marketing assets such as case studies, testimonials, tutorials, blog articles, webinar recordings, ebooks.... Link them with use cases and companies to categorise them by industry or function. Use them with social media, sales enablement, email marketing and every other channel you have.

Marketing Asset Management template has 4 lists:

  • Use Cases: In order to provide the most related resources to your customers or potential customers, list all of your use cases here and link them with other lists to be able to reach all the important assets easily for each use case.
  • References (Companies): List you existing customer to be able to show them as references in the future. Add the description for each customer and if you received testimonials from them. You can filter them by industry or size, you can link them with use cases and case studies.
  • Case Studies: Create case studies with your successful customers, add them to this list for organising and utilising them in the future.
  • Resources: Organise all the different types of resources you created over time or other people created for your company. Archiving all of them properly helps sales team, customer success team or marketing team to find the most suitable resources when they need it.

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