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Growth Hacking Experiments Template : Boost Your Growth with Our Hacking Experiments Template

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Supercharge your growth hacking efforts with Workiom's Growth Hacking Experiments Template! Streamline and organize your experiments alongside other tasks, projects, and data management efforts to ensure seamless collaboration and success. Try it now!
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Growth Hacking Experiments template is designed for ideating, prioritising, planning and analysing growth experiments. If you have a growth team or just starting to embrace the growth hacking methodology with pirate metrics and fast experimenting, this template can help you organise everything in one place.

Growth Hacking Experiments template has 2 lists:

  • Experiments: Define your experiment ideas, prioritise them based on your predictions and schedule them on your experiment timeline. After the experiment is complete, remember to analyse the results and take notes of the next steps.
  • Categories: Define specific experiment categories such as 'Signup Page Conversion Rate' or 'Email Marketing'. Link your experiment to these categories to quickly see what has been done, is being done and is planned for each category.

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