Empowering Facilities Management with Workiom

In this captivating case study, dive into the success story of Emaar and Workiom as they revolutionize facilities management in shopping malls. Explore how Emaar streamlined operations, ensured compliance, and enhanced tenant satisfaction with Workiom's tailored solution. Discover the remarkable transformation, from overcoming challenges to achieving efficiency and excellence in facilities management. Uncover the secrets behind their success and gain valuable insights for optimizing operations in the dynamic world of shopping malls.

Are you tired of juggling multiple applications, proposals, audits, and compliance-related tasks in your shopping mall facilities management? Do you struggle to ensure compliance with regulations and standards while keeping your tenants satisfied? Workiom, a leading provider of facility management solutions, understands the challenges faced by facility managers in shopping malls. We have developed a powerful solution that can streamline your operations, maximize productivity, and transform the way you manage your mall.

Challenges Faced by Facility Managers:

Through extensive research and conversations with facility managers in shopping malls across Saudi Arabia, we have identified several key challenges:

  1. Finding and managing tenants: Tracking multiple applications, proposals, audits, and compliance-related tasks can be time-consuming and challenging for facility managers.
  2. Designing and constructing tenant spaces: Coordinating with third-party architects and construction companies often involves complex processes and excessive paperwork.
  3. Ensuring compliance: Regular audits of tenant spaces, insurance checks, and compliance-related tasks require manual follow-ups, leading to inefficiencies and potential oversights.
  4. Managing insurance checks: Keeping track of reminders for insurance checks and conducting follow-ups can be challenging, leading to compliance risks.
  5. Streamlining the application process: Updating websites and reviewing proposals can be tedious and resource-intensive for facility managers.

Workiom's Solution:

Workiom brings a comprehensive set of features to address these challenges and optimize facilities management in shopping malls:

  1. Project management: Our platform offers a robust project management system to track construction and design projects, reducing paperwork and enabling seamless collaboration with third-party architects and construction companies.
  2. Tenant Operations management: Simplify tenant operations with our CRM system, which streamlines processes such as visit forms, proposals, and agreements.
  3. Compliance management: Our solution includes tools for conducting regular audits of tenant spaces and provides automatic reminders for compliance-related tasks and insurance checks, ensuring adherence to regulations and standards.
  4. Application management: With our online form system, simplify the application process, eliminating the need for frequent website updates and proposal reviews.

Success Story with EMAAR Turkiye:

Emaar, a renowned company managing multiple shopping malls across Turkiye, faced similar challenges in their facilities management operations. Their facilities managers struggled to handle numerous proposals, contracts, audits, and compliance-related tasks while coordinating with third-party architects and construction companies. Seeking a solution to streamline their operations and enhance the tenant experience, they turned to Workiom.

Working closely with Emaar, we developed a customized solution tailored to their specific requirements. As workiom is a highly customizable business solution. We implemented a centralized system that stores and manages all data related to their shopping malls. Our solution provided automated reminders for compliance-related tasks, simplified application processes, and enhanced visibility and control over projects and operations

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of Workiom's solution resulted in significant benefits for Emaar's facilities managers and stakeholders:

  1. Reduction in paperwork and coordination efforts: Emaar's facilities managers experienced a significant reduction in paperwork and coordination efforts with third-party architects and construction companies, allowing them to focus more on core responsibilities.
  2. Increased productivity and tenant satisfaction: Streamlined processes enabled by Workiom's solution led to increased productivity among facilities managers and improved tenant satisfaction.
  3. Enhanced collaboration and communication: Centralized data storage and easy access to information facilitated better collaboration and communication between teams and stakeholders, leading to improved efficiency.
  4. Efficient multi-purpose team management: Workiom's automation features allowed Emaar's multi-purpose teams to work more efficiently, collaborating seamlessly on various tasks and projects.


In conclusion, the partnership between Emaar and Workiom has revolutionized facilities management in shopping malls. Through Workiom's tailored solution, Emaar has streamlined operations, improved compliance management, and enhanced tenant satisfaction. The reduction in paperwork, increased productivity, and seamless collaboration among teams have resulted in significant benefits for Emaar's facilities managers and stakeholders. As Emaar continues to leverage Workiom's solution, it stands as a testament to the long-term value and effectiveness of this transformative approach to facilities management in the dynamic world of shopping malls.