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November 9, 2020
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Workiom: the Gateway to your Company Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means a thorough change in business and organizational processes as well as competencies and models to harness the potential of the opportunities provided by the evolution of digital technologies.

Digital transformation means a thorough change in business and organizational processes as well as competencies and models to harness the potential of the opportunities provided by the evolution of digital technologies. The latter has already accelerated the changes in societies and companies, shifting the way people think, work, and organize their personal and professional lives.

Why do you need it?

It is vitally important for modern businesses to stay up-to-date and competitive. Currently, most digital technologies provide possibilities for efficiency gains and better relations with customers. These new opportunities revolve around the capacities to be more people-oriented, agile, innovative, customer-centric, streamlined, and able to leverage chances to change the status quo and tap into new information—as well as service-driven revenues. Digital transformation is the new black: in fact, 40 percent of all technology spending is going toward digital transformations, with enterprises spending in excess of $2 trillion through 2019, according to IDC.

How can one succeed?

Yes, we know that digital transformation is hardly a piece of cake. You need proper guidance, substantial investments, and assistance to do it right and not waste money. Managers aiming at enhancing their organizational performance through the application of digital technologies often have just one tool in mind. However, digital transformation should be based on the broader business strategy.

Digital transformation is not merely the application of technology. Its task is to make your business more efficient. Hence, it’s not enough to digitize processes because they may not be optimal. To start the transformation, it is necessary to first assess the needs of your business and audit the current processes.

What should the priorities of digital transformation be?

Of course, there is no universal recipe for digital transformation. Some may opt for introducing new apps, for some automation. One way or another, it is centered around data. What is more important, that it revolves around your data, that is, all the vital information for your business. So, you should make the data management your priority while looking for a service to satisfy your needs. We at Workiom understand this idea very well so data integrity as well as it’s authenticity and availability is among our top concerns. Of course, user-friendliness and design are important and not forgotten: you can easily prevent redundancy, search and group data, share it and set the level of accessibility.

So, how do you start?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel! Nowadays, there are plenty of SaaS (software-as-a-service, consider them as “digitalization providers”) choices to start experimenting. What can B2B SAAS offer you? For starters—a safe, regulated, and expert environment so that you can begin digitalization in an incremental manner using the domain expertise and research. Think of SaaS as your affordable consultant who guides you in your success journey. Such a solution—like Workiom—can become the driving force behind a successful digital transformation.

What a SaaS should offer?

A variety of choices, but not all of them are wise. We recommend you to consider the following as must-haves for your selection of a SaaS:

  • operational agility: you should be able to fine-tune the service to your needs and wishes;
  • collaboration options: teamwork is a cornerstone of the smooth performance of a company. So, comments, chats, task assignments, etc. are to be included;
  • accessibility: working from any place in the world with internet access is no more a dream but a necessity;
  • security: needless to say, the internet is not a safe place. The better your data is protected, the more trustworthy and reliable the service is;
  • ability to integrate: one solution cannot cover all the possible needs. So, a good tool is capable of “cooperating” with other platforms in terms of data exchange, migration, connectivity, etc.

Why should I give Workiom a try?

Workiom is a great tool to help you achieve your first steps towards digital transformation. In a nutshell, it is a cloud-based collaboration tool and an online database for everyone. With Workiom, you can customize your working space in just a few clicks. There are several applications within Workiom so that you can create and link your data sets to one another, work together, assign and monitor tasks, search, filter, and sort records, publish the results to external websites. You can organize the workflow for your team just the way you want it.

Do I need an IT-team to set Workiom up?

No! The beauty of Workiom is that you need no coding or system administration experience to create the most complicated databases and apps. We made everything in the friendliest way possible so that you can dive in just with a couple of clicks in a few minutes. On our platform, you can create and customize your own versions of CRM, HR-management tools, Tasks and Projects tools, and find many other ways to use the Workiom’s potential.

It suits various needs. Currently, Workiom is helping companies in various branches including real estate, R&D, media production, clinics, health services, and law firms. Our platform enables you to include all the people needed for your daily work, such as employees, managers, clients, partners… and you can select what part of your work they will have access to. Not to mention the fact that Workiom can integrate and import your data from your other most used tools, such as your email, Google Docs, and 3000+ mostly used apps.

Can I use Workiom remotely?

Sure thing you can! First, Workiom is compatible with various devices. On desktop computers and mobiles, data is shown in a spreadsheet format and cards. Additionally, you can add and remove data, attach files and share tables, from any device you use.

Remote work and connection of other services are also available with Workiom. You can integrate services like Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote and Google Drive, and hundreds of other cloud services through Zapier.

Workiom is accessible wherever you are with its most advanced cloud hosting. Last but not least, your data in Workiom is secure. There is no need to worry about hackers, updating your antivirus or hiring an expensive cybersecurity team. We do it on your behalf!

Can I give it a try?

Of course, you should! Sign for free and check the benefits of Workiom for yourself!