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November 13, 2023
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Avoid the Monday Syndrome, go Workiom!

Beat the Monday blues! Uncover why Workiom is the preferred choice for business management over Monday. Make informed decisions with our insightful comparison.

Thinking about using Monday to manage your business? Make sure you check Workiom before you decide!

In this article we will take you through a journey of the top reasons to choose Workiom over Monday.

AI app builder


While it sure is impressive to see a full document generated by providing little information like does, this is now available on countless tools, it’s basically everywhere and very easy to come by.

But what if I told you that Workiom AI can create an entire App, all with Lists connections between them, and fields with the right configuration for your business!

All you have to do is to paste your business description to Workiom AI, and your app will be ready before you decide whether to have tea or coffee.

Don’t take what you read for granted, Sign up and try for yourself!

AI tool in Workiom - app creation

Access management

Access to data is a serious matter for all businesses from all sizes, and we at Workiom take it very seriously and provide it at an affordable plan for all businesses.

On you need to be on their top-tier Enterprise Plan to get most of those options, and still not as advanced as Workiom’s, where we power the admins with all the tools they need to manage access on a granular level.

With user roles, teams, and advanced permissions options like  data limits and fields permissions, you can be at ease as users will only have access to what they need to access to get the work done.Usage Limitation.

Assigning roles & permissions to a team

Usage limitation

Your workspace is where you’d expect everything about your business to be, as your business grows, so do your needs.

Unlike where they ask you to delete some of your record to free up some of the not so generous record limit, we at Workiom offer you much higher limits that you’d have to put some real effort to reach, and if you do happen to reach upgrade is always an option, not a plan upgrade, just an upgrade of whatever it is you need more of.

Here’s a quick comparison of what you get with the recommended plan: Workiom
Price $10 $10
Automation 25K 40K
Record Per App 20K 200K
Storage 20 GB 100 GB
Linked Lists 5 Lists Unlimited

We ♥️ power users

We are Power Users, We love Power Users, and we Understand Power Users, this is why at Workiom we make sure the features you love are available on plans that works for you and with right set of options to help you tinker and explore the horizons of what you can do with Workiom.

The good folks at think that Formula Fields should be exclusive to top-tier plans, and their Webhook is one direction only, from and away.

Fear not, as Formula field is there on every plan, and Webhook works in both directions with the option to write your custom payload yourself, furthermore you can have it wait for the response and use that to further customize the next steps in your automations

Full comparison

Feature Workiom Description
AI App Builder With Workiom, describe what you’d like to manage in plain English and lay back as Workiom AI creates what you need to manage it.
Custom Permissions Starting with Business. While Monday offers custom permissions, it’s nowhere as advanced as Workiom’s and is only available under user roles, which is an enterprise exclusive feature on
Data Filter Basic Options. Starting with Business. Advanced filtering options. Workiom offers an advanced filter under custom permission to ensure users can only see the records matching a specific criteria.
Private Apps All Plans. Monday allows you to make their Boards private only in Pro and Enterprise plans. Workiom can let you do that on all plans with way richer sharing options.
Record Limit Per App Up to 20K
Not Upgradable
Up to 250K
Monday's highest plan has a 20k record limit per App, Workiom's most Basic plan has 50k for the same.
Linked List Limitation Up to 60 List Unlimited
One Way Linked Record Limitation 10K Per App Unlimited Per App
Both Way Linking
Up to 1000 Per Record
Linking Between lists on Monday works one way, so if you link A record from List A to multiple Records in List B, you can’t go to List B and filter all the items that are connected to A.
Workiom does both. You want a single-sided connection; you have it. Need a two-way connection; toggle it on. Done with it? Toggle off again. Easy as click.
Phone Number Validation Make sure the phone numbers that you add to your record are valid phone numbers to avoid faulty data with Workiom.
Monday will accept any number you put there; you can put the number of sandwiches you consume yearly, and it will accept it as a phone number.
Disable/Enable User Notification Not all Users need to be notified when their name is added to a record; that’s why you can toggle notifications for each of your user fields on or off as you see fit.
Formula Field While does have a formula field, it’s only available for top-tier plans. With Workiom, Formulas are at your service on any plan.
Webhook Send Only Send & Receive
MENA Data Hosting Available option to host data in our data center in KSA.