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May 10, 2024
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Celebrating Workiom 4.10: A Fresh Take on How You View Your Data

Explore Workiom 4.10's Record Layout: Enhance data management and team collaboration through customizable views and dynamic widgets.

We're excited to share Workiom 4.10, a big step forward in making data work better for teams. This update makes everything clearer, easier to collaborate, and better suited to how you want things set up.

All-New Way to View Your Data

The updated Record Layout changes how you see your data, making it more organized. It's a fresh way to make every detail count and keep things tidy, so you and your team can lock your vision on what's most important for maximum efficiency

Multiple layers of organizers for quicker access 

Just like a drawer in a cabinet, you'd like to have your data sorted in different drawers and sections, and With new tabs in Workiom 4.10, you can split your key data into clear sections. Just a click lets you create multiple tabs and name accordingly in a way that shows what they're about. This helps teams find what they need fast and keeps the focus on what matters.

Wholistic or Focused View, We Got You Covered

Now, you can choose to show your widgets in either one column for a focused view or two columns for dual action.

Two-column record layout

By toggling this mode you decide how much detail you see at once. Whether you need a close look at something specific or a wider view, you can adjust how everything appears to fit your needs.

Dynamic Widgets for Enhanced Collaboration

  • Activity Widget: This is where teamwork shines. See all changes as they happen, right in your tabs, ensuring everyone is on the same page. You can choose to see this widget or not, and if it’s left out, Workiom 4.10 makes a space for it, so you’re always updated.
One-column activity tab with comments and changelog

  • Field Widget: Handle how your data fields look by adding Field Widget under any tab. These widgets line up top to bottom and can be moved around to fit what you need. This makes your view just right for you.
One-column tab with field details

Creating and Changing Layouts At Ease

Workiom 4.10 makes it simple to set up and use new layouts:

Creating a New Record Layout: Add tabs, set up columns, and fill them with widgets. Move fields around in these areas until they’re just how you like, then save your layout to use now or later.

Working with Existing Layouts: Apply, update, or create new layouts based on existing ones with just a few clicks. This ensures that your views always match your current workflow requirements.

Centralized layout management to keep the team in Sync

  • Managing layout means to manage how you and your team view your data, so  only certain people can change the layout, keeping things unified and as planned. 
  • Only Workspace Owners, Super Admins and app owners with their apps can make or modify layouts. This ensures the entire team  has a unified experience and is just right, according to the admins' plan.

Not Ready For The Change Yet? No Problem

Not into the new layout yet? Workiom 4.10 lets you switch back easily with a simple menu selection. This means everyone can move at their own pace.

Step Into a Fresh Way of Handling Data

With Workiom 4.10, your workspace turns into a place where managing data means more than just keeping it. It’s about using it well and making every bit of data work efficiently.

Celebrate this new chapter with us, get ready for the future of work, and make every interaction with data count.