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March 23, 2023
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Top 10 Features Your Team Management Software Should Have

Trouble selecting a team management tool? Learn about these 10 essential features of team management software and choose the ideal one for your business.

Selecting a team management software is an intricate process. You have to research the variety of softwares available, try their software, and read customer reviews, yadda…yadda. The list goes on. And each software will have its pros and cons, further extending the decision-making period.

So, what can you do, or more specifically, what should you do?

Understanding the essential features of an ideal team management software should be the first step. Then, with this information, quickly shortlist the software that meets your needs.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 10 essential features of a team management software. So, let's dive into each in detail.

Top 10 essential features for team management software

1- Task management

This is one of the essential features of team management software. A good team management tool should simplify the task management process by allowing its users to do the following:

  • Create and assign tasks
  • Set deadlines
  • Track progress

Create and assign tasks

Workiom enables users to add task names, descriptions, priority levels, and other relevant information to ensure that the team member/s understand the task’s scope and requirements. It also allows users to assign tasks to the most appropriate team member or team to complete the tasks efficiently.

How to easily create and assign tasks in Workiom

Set deadlines

With Workiom, users can set the deadline according to the importance and urgency of the tasks. This enables the team to complete the task within the defined time.

Workiom allows setting deadlines for each assigned task

Track progress

Workiom allows users to track the progress of each task, whether its status is in-progress, completed, or overdue. It also provides adequate reports summarizing the team’s performance and task completion rate, ensuring that the team is on track to meet the specified goals on time.

Workiom effectively tracks each assigned task

2 - Third-Party integration

Integration is another crucial feature of a team management system. It streamlines users' workflow and manages their tasks in one centralized location.

Workiom has native integration with Zapier and Integretly. It also supports ‘Webhook’ and ‘API’, which enables it to integrate with any third-party tool. With integrations like HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, Typeform, etc., workiom can provide the following. [But not limited to]

  • It helps manage customer relationships, marketing, and sales.
  • It helps automate workflow and reduce the risks of manual errors.
  • It provides a centralized platform for data related to marketing, sales, customer support, and more.
  • It enables users to run and track email campaigns and measure their effectiveness.
Workiom can be integrated with any third-party tools

Read more features of Workiom.

3- Customization

Customization enhances user experience, and almost every tool provides it now. Similar is the case for team management software.

The preference for organizing and tracking tasks differs with teams. And so, the software must help users customize it according to their specific needs and requirements.

Providing all necessary integrations also comes into play when considering this feature. And not to mention the level of personalization the tool can bring to the table.

Workiom enables users to create custom apps using a drag-and-drop interface. Users can choose from various pre-built templates or create their own from scratch without any technical background. In addition, they can customize it according to their needs with different fields, forms, and views.

The following image shows a few of the many in-built templates Workiom has.

Customization is easier with Workiom’s simple and effective UI

Follow the link to get a comprehensive view of the templates Workiom provide.  

Following are a few of the many customization options offered by Workiom.

  • It allows users to customize how their data is displayed.
  • It allows users to create custom data models to define their data structure
  • It enables users to create custom workspaces with logos, suitable colors, and other branding elements 
customization options offered by Workiom

On top of this, Workiom also provides customization services with its Customer Success Team. Try Workiom for free. 

4- Project management

Project management is yet another essential feature for a team management tool. It helps team members to organize tasks, set deadlines, and assign responsibilities. Also, it allows businesses to understand the availability of team members for new jobs based on their engagement with various tasks.

With Workiom, you can create projects, visualize timelines, assign tasks and more. The inbuilt templates can help efficiently manage a project. These templates are easy-to-use and are customizable to your needs.

How project management works in Workiom

The feature has 3 sub-section to help manage your project effectively. First is the ‘Projects’. It lists out all the active projects with details such as project stage, start date, end date, etc.

An overview of ‘Project’ section in Workiom’s project management

The second is the 'Task'. It breaks down each project's task to better understand the project's progress. See the image below to get a better understanding of the feature.

An overview of ‘Tasks’ section in Workiom’s project management

And finally, ‘Meeting’. You can plan and track all meetings linked to a project.

If you are interested, take a look at Workiom’s project management templates.

5- Collaboration tools

Effective communication is a necessary factor for a team to work efficiently. Hence another key feature for team management software is providing essential collaboration tools to streamline communication.

The tools should enable clear communication between team members and help them work together regardless of their location or time zone.

Following are some of the collaboration tools Workiom provides.


An overview of how chat works in Workiom’s team management tool

Workiom allows team members to communicate in real-time, ask questions, and share their thoughts.

File sharing

Team members can share documents, images, and other files within the software.

Shareable calendar

An overview of how shareable calendar works in Workiom’s team management tool

This feature allows team members to schedule meetings, set reminders, and share their availability.

6- Reporting and analytics

A team management software with robust reporting and analytics capabilities help team leads and managers gain valuable insights about their team's performance, productivity, and progress.

The feature allows managers to track and monitor the performance and areas of improvement and evaluate the effectiveness of the process. By regularly monitoring, a manager can identify issues early and take necessary steps to rectify them.

Workiom empowers its users with custom report creation, enabling them to create a more focused report tailored to their specific needs. A custom report avoids cluttering and redundancies and emphasizes all the vital information. And by analyzing the report data, managers can make data-driven and informed decisions on assigning resources and setting deadlines.

7- Budget tracking

Choose a team management software that enables budget planning and tracking. This is crucial as it helps teams track and manage their expenses effectively.

With the budget tracking feature, users can

  • Make data-driven decisions on how to allocate their resources and optimize spending
  • Prevent overspending
  • Easily generate budget reports and share them with stakeholders.

Workiom’s Expense Tracking feature empowers businesses to efficiently and effectively track expenses and revenue on an account and user level. The feature provides in-built templates with predefined categories and spending limits. Users can delete the dummy data to add the essential expense data and monitor it in real-time.

The Expense Tracking feature’s Cost Center categorizes expenses.

An overview of ‘Expense Tracking’ in Workiom’s team management tool

The Expenses section lists all the expenses.

An overview of the ‘Expenses’  section in the expense tracking feature of Workiom’s team management tool

And if you want to keep the revenue section with expenses, the ‘Revenues’ section can help.

An overview of the ‘Revenues’  section in the expense tracking feature of Workiom’s team management tool

The 'Accounts' section provides insights into each account's total expenses and revenue.

An overview of the ‘Accounts’  section in the expense tracking feature of Workiom’s team management tool

And finally, you can also link to each customer with their respective expenses and revenue in the ‘Customers’ section.

8- Resource allocation

This feature helps the users assign and organize resources, like people, budgets, and tools, to different projects. This feature optimizes the use of resources for each project and ensures that it is completed efficiently and effectively.  

Also, by knowing the availability of resources, team managers can plan future projects or tasks, ensuring that there are enough resources to attend to new projects.

9- Flexibility

Team members need to access the software from different devices at different times. So it is essential for a team management software to provide the same. Also, enabling users to use the software on both web and mobile devices can increase flexibility and convenience.

Workiom is available for both mobile and web-based users. The mobile app version is available for iOS and Android.

10- Security and data protection

This is an essential feature for a team management software as it helps prevent unauthorized access and misuse of data.

When choosing a software, select the one that protects your company’s sensitive data and information. This way, you can ensure to steer away from potential legal and financial consequences in the future.

With ‘Advanced Access Permission, Workiom ensures that your data remains secure. The feature also provides granular control over project access, ensuring that team members only have access to tasks related to their work. And in some cases, the feature can limit access to view or comment.

Workiom has enhanced data and information security for a team management tool


In conclusion, businesses of all multitudes can benefit from an effective team management software. The key is to choose the right one for you.

With the right software, a team can easily collaborate, manage tasks and track progress to ensure that projects are completed within the set time and budget.

Workiom is a no-code work management tool that allows teams to collaborate, manage projects and automate workflows. The tool enables easy implementation and integration without any need for codes.

It also offers all the essential features we discussed here and more. In addition, Workiom not only helps you manage your team but also stores and secures your data, which is a crucial aspect that is missing in other management tools.  

Interested! Try Workiom for free and see the difference for yourself. Or book a demo call with our sales team.