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Create a custom workflow for streamlining your content production from strategy to reporting. A central place for your content team to collect and coordinate everything together.

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Start using Workiom as a content strategy tool and unify your team around you marketing goals. Being successful with content marketing requires more than creating tons of content. Teams need to be focused on their audience, what they are searching for, what their problems and motivations are… Preparing the roadmap for content efforts will help you stay on track and to come up with many content ideas. Create a mechanism to capture all the ideas and inspiration, discuss them with the team and schedule the approved ideas into production.


Create detailed user personas, define your audience clearly for the whole team. Focus on your audience's expectations, problems, motivations in your content.

Ideas Pipeline

Don't let any idea get lost across emails, chats or notes. Capture every idea, connect them with personas, prioritise them and schedule them for the production.

Target Keywords

Manage your SEO target keywords, gather the information such as keyword difficulties or search volumes. Link each keyword with content ideas and personas.


Every marketing team has a different workflow when it comes to content production. Collaborators, freelance writers, agencies, guest writers, approval processes.. And as the content volume grows, it gets harder to track the status of each content piece. Creating a content engine specific to your needs is very simple with Workiom. Automations, integrations, access permissions and collaboration features allow you to work smoothly with internal and external collaborators. 


Collaborate seamlessly with task assignments, comments, file sharing.. Create approval processes and smart notifications for total control of what's going on. 


Create custom workflows for each type of content you produce, automate the repeated actions and let your team focus on creating high quality content only. 


Either client approvals or internal approvals from managers can be managed easily with Workiom. You can set a smart notification when a content is ready for approval!


When you produced a high quality content piece, you need to plan the publishing and let everybody know about the publishing calendar to amplify the content, boost it on social media or create the initial buzz. Creating a process for publishing each post can help marketing teams get the best results with their efforts. And having it all organised can help discover and repurpose old content when it is the right time. 

Marketing Asset Library

Store all of your marketing assets, posts, visuals, copy etc. Connect them with personas and topics. Discover and repurpose them easily when you need them in the future. 

Social Media Planning

Manage your schedule for publishing to social media channels. Let all of your team be aware of the calendar and create reminders to amplify your content.

Reports & Insights

Add metrics for each content you published and create reports on your content's performance. You can integrate with your other tools using Zapier to gather all the metrics.

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