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Human Resource Template: Simplify Workflows, Track Employees, Grow Talent, and Retain Top Performers.

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Transform your human resources management with Workiom's Human Resources Template! Easily manage employees, applicants, job openings, interview appointments, and more all in one convenient location. Try it now!
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Filling a new position is not as easy as it may seem, especially if there’s no flexible and powerful software to manage applications, job openings, interview appointments, etc. Here Workiom HR Template comes in handy providing you with a smart application tracking system. It has several options to help you manage all the stages of hiring as well as run a database of responsible managers and call logs.

Right out of the box, it can perfectly fit the needs of a small business looking for a few new teammates. However, even in the case of a large corporate HR department, this template can be fine-tuned and tailored to a complicated and multi-channel recruitment scheme.

This template has 8 lists:

  • Employees: the directory of your current employees and alumni. You can store the details for each employee, roles and hierarchies in the company here.
  • Departments: the list of departments in the company with every employee working in each department.
  • Applicants: this list is the recruitment pipeline for your open positions. You can move applicants through the pipeline after each interview. Also there is an application form view, which you can add the link to your open positions page and it will save the answers directly to your applicants list. In order to see it in kanban view, click on the progress view on the top.
  • Positions: list the open positions in your company with their descriptions and list of requirements. You can see the applicants for each position with the linked list to applicants.
  • Log: You can keep the log of every interaction related to HR in this list. Good for future reference and not missing any thing.
  • Requirements: Create a list of requirements for all positions and they are connected to the positions list.
  • Requests: this list is for managing different types of requests coming from employees. Keep it organised not to get lost in back and forth emails.
  • Interviews: This list helps you schedule interviews and see all of them in a calendar view.

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