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Human Resource Template

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Revolutionize your HR processes by managing employees, applicants, job openings, interview appointments, and more, all from a single, intuitive platform.
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Filling a new position is not as easy as it may seem, especially if there’s no flexible and powerful software to manage applications, job openings, interview appointments, etc. Here with Workiom HR Template comes in handy providing you with a smart application tracking system. It has several options to help you manage all the stages of hiring as well as run a database of responsible managers and call logs.

Start elevating your HR management with Workiom's Human Resources template. Seamlessly manage every facet of your HR processes, from employee directories to recruitment pipelines, ensuring a streamlined and efficient HR operation.

Why use Workiom's human resources template?

Workiom’s Human Resources template offers a comprehensive solution, designed to manage all aspects of HR, from recruitment to employee management, ensuring a transparent and efficient HR operation without the complexity of traditional HR tools.

  • Comprehensive HR Management: Manage every detail from employees to applicants.
  • Streamlined Recruitment: Efficiently manage your recruitment pipeline with smart application tracking.
  • Customizable: Tailor the template to your specific HR needs, whether for a small business or a large corporate HR department.
  • Integrated Workflows: Connect with other Workiom apps like Task Management, CRM, and more.

How to use HR template

Navigate through your HR processes with a template that ensures every HR detail is set, tracked, and managed in a transparent and efficient manner.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Manage Employees: Add and manage details for each employee, roles, and hierarchies.
  2. Manage Departments: Add and manage departments and their associated employees.
  3. Manage Applicants: Efficiently move applicants through the recruitment pipeline.
  4. Manage Positions: List and manage open positions with their descriptions and requirements.
  5. Manage Logs: Keep a log of every HR interaction for future reference.
  6. Manage Requirements: Create a list of requirements for all positions.
  7. Manage Requests: Organize and manage requests from employees.
  8. Manage Interviews: Schedule and view interviews in a calendar format.


Automation & integration

Featured automations
  • Automated notifications for new applicants and interview schedules.
  • Automated reminders for upcoming interviews and HR tasks.
Integrated features with Zapier
  • Google Workspace for collaborative editing and HR management.
  • Dropbox for seamless document and resume sharing.

Views and visualization

List of views
  • Table view: For a detailed overview of employees, applicants, and positions.
  • Board view: Visualize the progression of applicants through the recruitment pipeline.
  • Calendar view: Keep track of all interview schedules and HR events.

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