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Simplify your customer relationship management with Workiom’s CRM template. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners, this template offers a straightforward approach to manage your sales process, from the initial contact to invoicing, without the complexity of conventional CRM tools.
Use This Template

There are numerous CRM tools available on the cloud, but they are complex, clunky and slow. In many cases, business owners and employees end-up stuck with complicated systems with only a few of their available functionalities used in addition to a pricey monthly bill.

From the first contact to the invoice, you can manage your sales process with this easy-to-use Workiom's CRM template.

Why use Workiom's CRM template?

Workiom’s CRM template is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution, designed to manage and track every detail of your sales process, from lead tracking to deal management, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation without the burden of complex systems.

  • Streamlined Sales Process Management: Track every detail from lead status to deal progression.
  • Detailed Contact and Company Lists: Manage detailed information of contacts and companies.
  • Customizable: Tailor the template to your specific needs with just a few tweaks.
  • Integrated Workflows: Connect with other Workiom apps like Inventory Management, Task Management, and more.

How to use CRM template

Navigate through your sales process with a CRM template that understands the intricacies of sales operations, ensuring every detail from lead management to deal tracking is captured and organized.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Manage Companies: Add and manage details for each company, including leads, customers, and former customers.
  2. Manage Contacts: Add and manage details for each contact, including lead status and related deals.
  3. Manage Calls: Schedule and track sales calls with contacts, adding summaries and notes.
  4. Manage Meetings: Schedule and track meetings with contacts, adding summaries and notes.
  5. Manage Deals: Track deals with companies and contacts, including related products/services and expected amount.
  6. Manage Products: Add and manage details for each product or service, including prices, and connect them to deals.

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Automation & integration

Featured automations
  • Automated notifications for new deals.
  • Automated reminders for follow-up calls and meetings.
Integrated features

Connect with multiple tools using Zapier's integration and reach out to:

  • Google Workspace for collaborative editing and communication management.
  • Dropbox for seamless document sharing.

Views and visualization

List of views
  • Table view: For a detailed overview of companies, contacts, and deals.
  • Board view: Visualize the progression of leads and deals through various stages.
  • Calendar view: Keep track of all calls, meetings, and deal dates.

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