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Architectural Project Management Template

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Architectural Project Management template provide a structured way to take a project from an idea to final presentation by going step by step with deliverables and related tasks. Never miss a deadline and leverage your team's resources efficiently.

Why use Workiom's architectural project management?

Workiom's Architectural Project Management template isn't just a tool; it's a dynamic platform for organizing, planning, and presenting architectural projects. Streamline your journey from idea to final presentation while enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Project Planning: Categorize projects and track timelines, deliverables, and workflows.
  • Streamlined Team Collaboration: Empower your team to efficiently manage architectural projects.
  • Structured Task Management: Break projects into smaller deliverables and manage them effectively.
  • Client Interaction Record: Maintain a history of interactions and meetings with clients.

How to use architectural project management template

Architectural projects come to life when managed with precision and structure. Workiom's Architectural Project Management template is your gateway to organized project planning and management.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Project Setup: Create a project list and categorize projects according to type, work, or stage. Assign project leaders and team members. Set deliverables, plan meetings, and create a project timeline.
  2. Deliverable Breakdown: Divide projects into smaller deliverables for organized stage management. Assign responsible team members for each deliverable and set due dates.
  3. Task Management: Create tasks associated with each deliverable. Link tasks to projects and deliverables or create standalone tasks for operational work.
  4. Meeting Records: Maintain a record of client interactions by adding meetings. Link meetings with projects for reference. Include meeting agendas and notes.


Automation & integration

Featured automations
  • Automated project status updates and notifications.
  • Automated mails to project manager upon project completion.
Integrated apps with Zapier
  • Google Sheets for in-depth project data tracking.
  • Google Workspace for seamless team collaboration.

Views and visualization

List of views
  • Project timeline: Visualize the progress and timelines of architectural projects.
  • Board view: Monitor project categories and plan according to project status.
  • Calendar view: Keep a log of client meetings and interactions.
  • List view: organized to manage all projects and people related to.
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