4.0 Task Management

Check out our latest features, and updates built specifically with you in mind.

Task Management

My Work

Your one place to find all tasks assigned to you, no matter which app or list they are under;

  • Quickly view your tasks
  • Update their essential information
  • Sort them in sections

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Task List

In contrast to a record, a task needs to be done, needs a due date, an assignee, and clear statuses to move across.

  • Create your first task list or move an existing list to become a task list.
  • Tasks under those lists will appear under My Work page for each assignee.
  • Start assigning tasks and help your time find what they need to work on in a single place.

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Some tasks are created bigger than other tasks, this is where Subtasks come in handy

  • Break your task in to smaller deliverables
  • Track them all under their parent task
Show/Hide Subtasks

If you want to see subtask on the same level as your tasks in the view simply toggle on “Show Subtasks”

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This new field type help you better manage your task across their different stages until they’re done

  • Create a new field
  • Select status
  • Add and customize your stages


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Edit/Delete Comments

Mentioned the wrong person, or made a typo? No worries, now you can delete or edit your comments.

  • Hover over the comments
  • Click the 3 dots menu
  • Select delete/edit


Instead of having all comments on the same level, you can start a thread to discuss a certain comment

  • Hover over the comments
  • Click the reply button
  • Type your comments and hit send


React to your teammates to let them know how you feel about their comments, share your happiness, excitement, empathy and all your other feelings

  • Hover over the comments
  • Click the emoji button
  • Select the emoji that best expresses you

Board View

New UI

We’ve worked with our design team to improve element contrast on our board view, making it much easier for your eyes to find what’s important at a glance.

Assignee Filter

If you want to know who is working on what the assignee filter got your back, simply click the user and only the tasks assigned to that user will be displayed in the board.

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Monday, July 24, 2023
Workiom Product Team