4.7 Workiom AI

Check out our latest features, and updates built specifically with you in mind.

Workiom AI🪄

Explain what you’d like to have in your workspace and let the AI do the magic, you don’t need to configure the entire application, just explain in plain english and let the AI build it for you.

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New Fields and Updates✨

Static list, but with Multi-Select option 

You have a drop down but more than one option applies for your record, like languages your prospect speaks, or sizes available for your product, Multi Static List field will prove very useful for you.

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Count Business Days

To simply calculate how many working days are between 2 given dates, use GetWorkingDays()

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Download and Upload

The file field now has an option that lets you download all files in that field, and moreover, you can map your automation to upload files from URLs.

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Automation, Rule the nation 🤖

Gmail Integration

Automate sending emails through a simple integration with your gmail account.

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Delete Record

If you use a record to store data for a certain period, or want to set up a criteria to remove invalid records, you can automate this process with the delete record action.

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Record ID In Automation

Advanced users always love to have options in order to achieve maximum customization, those extra fields in automation will give them more tools to play with.

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Workspace Customization ⚙️

Customize List Visibility (Enterprise Only)

You don’t need to see everything all the time, as it might be distracting, use Menu Customization to tidy app Lists for your team so they can focus on what’s important.

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Improvements ⬆️

Permissions  - Data limit on linked list🛂

Now you can use a linked list as criteria to limit the data the user has access to.

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Dashboard - Share as PDF📊

You can download your dashboard’s currency status as PDF and share it with whomever you want as an attachment.

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Clone Record

Easily clone records that you already created.

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Monday, November 27, 2023
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