4.10 New Record Layout

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New Record Layout 😎

The new way to display your record details, much cleaner and completely customizable to best suit your needs

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Now easily collapse empty columns to keep a cleaner board, create and edit columns on the fly and more

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Directly jump into the conversation by clicking the comment indicator on any record in your table view

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Execution log filter

Easily reach the execution you’re looking for by applying filters to narrow down results

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Loop Action

Automate a bulk update to the record in your list with the loop action

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Append option for Linked List

While mapping your linked list field now you can append new records and link them alongside the already linked records.

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Teams & Permissions

Copy Invitation link

Now you can invite your teammates through any channel by grabbing their invitation link and sharing it with them.

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Prevent View Creation

With this option now you prevent users from creating personal views or any view on the list for a better control over data visibility and record layout

More options for data limit

You can better filter the data the user has access to using multi user field and multi static list field

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024
Workiom Product Team