3.9 Release Notes

Check out our latest features, and updates built specifically with you in mind.

New Features:

1. Records

1.1. Multi-line text fields

  • Now you can format your text
  • Add header style
  • Make bold, italic or strike through
  • Add lists
  • Code block
  • And even add emojis
  • Bullet Points and more

1.2. Side view:

  • Pin fields:
  • Now you can pin any linked list you need to check at a glance without needing to scroll across all other fields
  • Pinned fields will appear in an adjustable split view

1.3. Linked Lists

  • Using and adding linked lists is now more intuitive than ever
  • Linked records look and feel has been retouched
  • You can update the linked records fields without having to go the record it self
  • Select the fields that you’d like to see alongside the linked records
  • Sort them:
  • By simply clicking the header of any column
  • Drag and drop to custom sort them anyway you like

2. Automation

2.1. History

  • Now you can see a history of the executions
  • A summary of the Success\Failed Execution with a date filter
  • Each automation will now have a label displaying the number of times it has been executed so far
  • Clicking on the execution label will open the full history of the automation including the reason an automation failed to execute

2.2. If/Else

  • Our good old conditional trigger just got better, the automation can follow one path when true and another when false

3. Export Records to excel

  • Now you can export reports from a view in excel format (*.xlsx)


4.1. Kanban View

  • Picture on cards
  • If you have an image in the record attachment it will now appear as a cover picture for that card in kanban view
  • You can choose which attachment field is the cover by selecting it from View Options -> Choose Feature Image Field -> Select the attachment from the dropdown

5. Short URL For Forms

  • The new URL has been shortened to make it easier to share and include anywhere regardless of character limitations

New Improvements:

1. Records:

1.1. Side view:

  • Timeline
  • Now you can collapse this area to give more room to your pinned fields

1.2. Print record

  • A Printable layout with high resolution replaces the legacy print method
  • Save as PDF if you like, or send it directly to your printer

1.3. UI/UX Improvements

  • Using darker and heavier font to improve readability
  • Improved contrast between fields and record background to improve the users ability to separate fields, their contents, and their surroundings
  • We improved icons visibility and placement for an intuitive experience
  • Read-only fields will have the lock icon color contrasted and over the field logo
  • Tool-tip on each field will now hold the directory of linked lists


2.1. Grid View

  • Wrap Text:
  • now long text will be wrapped and the area for the record will expand to accommodate for it if the user chooses the classic comfort view
  • Context Menu:
  • Right clicking on a record in grid view will now give you the option to
  • Delete record
  • Copy link to copy the link of the selected record
  • Open Record to view it in full screen mode

2.2. View Duplication

  • Now you can easily duplicate an already existing view with all of it’s settings

2.3. Filters

  • Date filter
  • Now you can select
  • Next week
  • Last week
  • Linked List View Filter
  • After linking two lists, you can filter to only view the issues in which the linked lists values match the values as filtered in the linked list’s selected view.
  • To do so go -> fields options -> Select a view

3. Forms

  • Design:
  • The form design has been updated to make it look more modern and easier to follow
  • Speed:
  • Forms now load much faster
  • Uploading files now is as fast as a click

4. Fields

  • Change data type:
  • Fields not holding any data can have their data type changed

5. Automation

5.1. Automation Builder

  • Look and Feel
  • The automation builder has been updated for a more intuitive experience
  • Icons are now larger
  • Fonts are clearer
  • Arrow that guides your though the path now have indentation to give a better sense of the execution flow
  • If/Else feature
  • Our good old conditional trigger just got better, the automation can follow one path when true and another when false

  • Mapping Fields
  • Now you can use the same formulas you use to create a field to map fields during an execution.
  • Zapier
  • You can now upload files to Zapier from Workiom through our integration with Zapier
Release Version:
Release Date:
Monday, March 21, 2022
Workiom Product Team