3.13 Release Notes

Check out our latest features, and updates built specifically with you in mind.

New Template Store

Refreshed UI

  • Templates make it all that much easier to use Workiom, simply click install and start using them.
  • We improved your experience to make it all that much easier to find the template you need for your Business, Teams or Processes
  • Simply click on Templates + and start browsing
  • Click Install and in a few seconds you will have the app installed on your workspace.

Learn More About Our Templates

Formula got buffed

Formula Field was made to be versatile, so we keep adding new functions to Formula to make sure make sure it covers as many use cases as possible

New Functions

  • Random:
  • Rand() To get a random value between 0 and 1
  • RandBetween([MIN],[MAX]) To get a random value between the values of [MIN] and [MAX]
  • Concatenate: Concat()
  • To concatenate the content of multiple fields into one text field.
  • UTC Functions:
  • TodayUTC() will return the date in UTC
  • NowUTC() will return the date and time in UTC

Formula with Files

  • Now you can get the file names into a text field using formula
  • And also you can count the files uploaded to a record.

Learn More About The Formulas

Zapier Integration

We’re live on zapier, simply look for Workiom within the apps list and get Work-zapping.

Linked List Filter in Permissions

  • In custom permission you can put a limit on data access based on a filter
  • This filter works for Static List, User, and Linked List fields

Learn More About Custom Permissions

Linked List Field Updates

Linked List Association

  • When creating a linked list field, you used to always get an automatically created field in the list you linked
  • To avoid the creation of unnecessary fields this is now disabled by default
  • You can enable it if you need the update on the linked list field to reflect on both fields by simply toggling the “Has Associated Field” option.

Linked List field as table in Email Automation

  • Linked list field now has 2 options, print only what you see inside the linked list field, or print the record linked as a table with their details.

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Release Version:
Release Date:
Thursday, June 1, 2023
Workiom Product Team