Invite, share, and sync your projects with others. Collaboration is cloud-enabled and built directly into Workiom.


Narrow your search results and navigate through your data by applying Workiom powerful filters. Save your favourite filters to create your views.


Create summaries and overview of your data using aggregate functions on any numerical field in your lists.


Calculate and derive aggregate values from existing linked data with Workiom simple yet powerful formulas.

Kanban Boards

Intuitively move cards from one column to another in your Kanban boards.

View Creation

Create different views for your data either in as lists or as Kanban boards, and switch from view to another for your same dataset.

Assign Records

Efficiently attribute one or more record to any of your team members registered on Workiom.

File sharing

Safely upload and share word, pdf, images and any documents with your colleagues on Workiom.


Use and customise one of our experts-made models to create your app on Workiom.

User Roles

Assign different roles and access to team members on the users of your app to protect the privacy of your data.

2 Factor Authentication

Workiom offers a higher level of security with two-factor authentications.

Zapier integration

Send and receive data between Workiom and more than 1500 other cloud services through Zapier.

Mobile app

Use Workiom app for Android or MacOS to access your data anytime and anywhere.

Workiom API

Build on the Workiom platform to create custom integration with any other SaaS product on the cloud.

Connect Apps

Create as many apps as your business needs, and share information between them.

Form Builder

Create and design public forms to interact with your customers and to import their data into your Workiom app.

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