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Improve the efficiency of your sales process.  Focus on closing deals. 

Agency Process Automation
Remote Agency Work Management

Remote Working with Cloud CRM

Access your data everywhere and manage your Clients and Deals on the go. Gain clear visibility into status of your sales performance. Your data has never been safer with our state of the art security.

The Power of Workiom

Simple, Flexible and Powerful CRM Features

Organize your client data effectively

Store and maintain the data that matters only. Add fields relevant to your business and segment your prospects according to all your own criteria. Get leads fed straight into your sales pipelines from web forms and integration with your social media lead magnet campaigns.

Team collaboration

Add tasks, assign them, and follow up with your team. Leave comments and invite your colleagues to join the discussion. Keep a tab on every business detail and let nothing fall into cracks.

Track communication with clients

Track all your team interactions with clients. Keep a record of calls, emails and contact history on each client level. Have full visibility and control over your data.

Endless Pipelines

See exactly where lead is in your pipeline with custom statuses! Track the process from lead to client with custom statuses so you can see where to focus your efforts to seal the deal!

Automate and delegate to the machine

Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive tasks. With Automations, you're able to set up combinations of Triggers and Actions to help automate actions, saving time and allowing you to focus on things that matter.

Insights and reports

Whether to measure your team effectiveness, or your sales performance, Workiom allows you to create reports over all your stored data. Dive into metrics made for your business and keep growing.

Privacy and Accountability

Keep track of all changes made to your leads and deals information, and grant specific access rights only to data that matters. Create roles that reflect your organization structure, allow some to export other not, some to enter and modify data other not, some to view and other not.

Mobility and integrations

Access your data from everywhere in the world and anytime either using your mobile, desktop or tablet. Easily integrate your other cloud services with Workiom with

Integration with zapier, asana, mailchimp, jira


Workiom allows you to send and receive data with over 1500 other cloud service. Bring all your customer data to one central place with our powerful integration tools.

Happy Customer Use Cases:

  • Keep track of ongoing deals and incoming opportunities.
  • Manage portfolios.
  • Generate quotes and track of payments.
  • Schedule briefings and gather the right customer data.
  • Keep track of ongoing deals and incoming opportunities.
  • Manage portfolios.
  • Generate quotes and track of payments.
  • Schedule briefings and gather the right customer data.
  • Outreach to potential beneficiaries and students.
  • Maintain a detailed database of courses, students, and teachers.
  • Schedule courses and exams.
  • Track student registration and payments.
  •  Saveguard all teaching materials in one place.
  • Outreach to potential patients.
  • Maintain two pipelines, one for sales and for operations.
  • Keep track of your patients satisfaction rate post operations.
  • Schedule logistics and procedures.
  • Manage marketing efforts and campaigns.
  • Keep a database of properties and all their specifications.
  • Schedule visits, appointments and project tours.
  • Maintain a detailed database of potential buyers and sellers.
  • Manage marketing efforts and campaigns.
  • Generate, review and share quotes with perspectives.
  • Keep a detailed list of offers and packages.
  • Use online forms for gathering customer information.
  • Generate consolidated statistics and reports on customer and booking data
  • Schedule logistics and bookings with partners and customers.
  • Maintain a detailed database of travellers and customers.
Agency Task Management