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Customer Support / Solution Architect

Lead the way through innovating, problem-solving, and helping your customers succeed through providing exceptional service.

Sales Representative Responsibilities

  • Provide support to customers during the onboarding phase.
  • Work with the Customer Success Team and at times directly with corporate contacts to provide updates on a project rollout.
  • Liaise between the customer and Customer Success team to provide clear and accurate troubleshooting solutions via our support management system.
  • Provide support in partnership with the Customer Success team to diagnose, research, document, and resolve escalated issues.
  • Coordinate with Customer Success team to help draft, edit, and maintain both internal and customer-facing documentation.
  • Provide feedback on internal processes and best practices in an effort to continually improve the customer experience and overall customer support flow.
  • Attend internal and customer-facing training to learn about product enhancements.
  • Support customers accounts to maintain favorable, long-term relationships.

Sales Representative Qualifications

1- Communication:

Customer success: reporting and executing procedures

2- Education:

4-year college degree or comparable experience

3- Experience:

- Up to one year experience providing customer support

- Knowledge of word processing tools and spreadsheets (MS Office, Google Drive, etc.), as well as strong internet navigation skills.

4- Experience Domain:

Prior knowledge of Database system

5- Languages:

English, Turkish

6- Skills:

- Ability to work early morning hours and flexibility to work overnight if needed.

- Ability to work weekends. Workdays will rotate, requiring all Customer Support Onboarding Specialists to work 1-2 weekend shifts a month.

- Passion for solving customers’ problems; ability to solve problems by utilizing available tools/resources.

- Ability to work independently when needed, as well as collaborate across multiple teams.

- Embodies teamwork, open communication, excellence in service, integrity, and accountability.

- Able to work in a fast-paced environment.

- Able to work with detailed procedures and program guidelines.

- Self-motivated quick Learner.

- Great attention to detail.

7- Tools:

- Laptop


- Mobile

8- Environment:

- Workplace: In-office or Remote

- Job Condition: Challenging, Demanding

- Job Tools: Laptop, Subscriptions for required tools

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