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Save yourself a ton of time and effort with this template. Here you can find anything you need for your media/social media journey, from conceptualizing and planning to publishing the created content and measuring its performance. This Workiom template is designed with the fast-paced nature of social media in mind so that you can quickly organize the cooperation of various members of your team, designers, content creators, social media managers—you name it!

Here, you can not only prepare your strategies and draft new content but also exchange ideas, brainstorm, visualize the projects, and come back to the propositions previously left behind. This template can also serve as an idea bank as well as an analytical powerhouse.

Consistency is the key to social media success, and you need to stay organised to be posting high quality content consistently. This template helps you manage your social media channels with post scheduling, media production pipeline and follow-up tasks.

Social Media Management Template has 4 lists:

Posts: prepare your posts in this list, plan them and track the production from idea to publishing. There are 3 different views; grid view of all the records, kanban view for the production pipeline, and calendar view for the publishing schedule.

Channels: Keep a lists of social media platforms you use with their strategy summary and goals.

Follow-up: Create follow-up tasks for each social media post, you can promote them or remember to engage with the comments, how to use this list is up to you.

Links: links to all of your profiles and posts.

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