Educational Institute

Workiom Team

Template for managing Language Schools, Certificate Programs and other Course, Student, Registration based organisations. 

Educational Institute template is base on a workflow of a language school, yet it can be easily edited to suit other educational institutes. Tracking the course schedule, curriculum, teachers, student registrations and payments is very efficient and simple with this template.
It has 8 lists: 
  • Course; track each course subject with levels and teachers.
  • Students; all the information collected from students, documents, notes and payment information.
  • Teachers; list of teachers with the courses they are teaching.
  • Opened Courses; details for the courses that are opened in each time period.
  • Student Registrations; each confirmed student registration with discount information, notes, student/course information.
  • Nationalities; a list of nationalities to see  how many students are registered from which country, could be used for administration reasons.
  • Payments; receipts and payment dates connected to students list.
  • Courses Levels; opened courses and all courses related to each level.

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