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Workiom Team

Running an estate agency means juggling with lots of data. This Workiom template suggests a modern and efficient solution to bring order into the business—for agencies as well as independent estate brokers and real estate agents. It suits your daily demands perfectly, listing houses and apartments, storing information about owners and clients, data on the property for rent or sale.

This Workiom template has taken a lot from the routine work of real estate agencies. With it, you have enough flexibility to fine-tune the template, and enough power to manage all your operations from one digital HQ. Collaborations, discussions, attachments and lists, deadlines and appointments—everything is conveniently designed for you to enjoy everything you do.  

This template has 11 lists:
Landlords; contact information, properties connected to the landlord and deals related to those properties, all can be seen in this list.
Properties; list of properties and detailed information on them for listings and calls.
Customers; a light-weight CRM for managing customers, deals related to them, their requests and interaction history.
Logs; all the interactions via phone, meeting, text, email… Keep them organised for future reference.
Deals; list of deals with connection to customers and landlords lists, and all the price, commissions information.
Services; list of the service you provide in connection to the service requests and customers.
Countries; list of countries, properties in each country and property requests for each country.
Requests; property requests by clients with all the details they asked for.
Number of Rooms; property requests organised by number of rooms.
Cities; properties and requests organised by cities.
Neighborhoods; properties and requests organised by neighborhoods.

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