Quaking Aspen​

Quaking Aspen monitors climate crises and supports the natural world, to increase accountability and countering disinformation, they bring bespoke technology and expertise developed in some of the world’s toughest regions to drive positive change. Its mission is to bring together cutting-edge technology with human expertise to deliver positive change. They don’t just build technology, we use it in hard-to-reach areas to drive change. They specialise in using Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain to enable highly searchable data sets of unimpeachable data all fed by simple, user-friendly applications.

Quaking Aspen uses Workiom for project management, and to track their outreach program.


  • business development, 
  • CRM, 
  • project delivery, 
  • HR
  • Task Management
  1. What was it like before Workiom?

Before Workiom, coordinating company components like business development, client relationships, project delivery, and HR across multiple platforms (sometimes within each category!) placed a significant burden on our resources. Many platforms only offer one of these functionalities and do not integrate with each other, and require onboarding for each new member of staff, which can place a strain on a growing company.

  1. What problem are you trying to solve with us?

We switched to Workiom to centralize all of our company efforts onto a single smart platform. 

  1. How Workiom stands out?

Above everything else, what sets Workiom apart is the fantastic customer service. The support team was with us every step of the way, from migrating our data from our old platforms to setting up new functionalities to fit our company’s specific needs. His help has really allowed us to get the most out of Workiom as a bespoke platform.

  1. What is your favorite Workiom feature?

My favorite Workiom feature is the users permissions. This allows me to see and clearly organize which members of the company have access to which content, and what they are able to do with it (for instance, some users can only see certain boards, while others can also edit them). For a company that works with external consultants on a variety of different projects, this functionality allows us to remain nimble in deploying Workiom for use in every company effort.

  1. Why would you recommend Workiom to others?

I would highly recommend Workiom for a number of reasons. The first, of course, is the unparalleled customer service—frankly, I have not seen anything like this level of commitment and assistance in my experience with company management tools, of which our company has tried and rejected many. I would also recommend it for its adaptability to the company’s specific needs. It can offer functionalities as complex or as simple as your company needs, and is workable for users at every level of technical proficiency. 


  1. To whom would you recommend Workiom for?

I would recommend Workiom for any company with more than one employee. Workiom has developed modules that would clearly be useful to a company much larger than Quaking Aspen, but retains many features that make it highly serviceable for a small or medium organization as well. 


  1. What are the benefits of using Workiom?

Workiom’s main benefit is the centralization of all company functions onto a single platform. The easy-to-use templates also provide inspiration about possible ways of organizing information that we hadn’t thought of before, and while we did not always stick to the template, we found them to be very useful when we were modifying them for our own use.


  1. How easy was your onboarding?

Thanks to the support team’s help, our onboarding was rapid and painless. Thank you so much, Workiom!

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