Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Workiom Team

There are numerous CRM tools available on the cloud, but they are complex, clunky and slow. In many cases, business owners and employees end-up stuck with complicated systems with only a few of their available functionalities used in addition to a pricey monthly bill.

Workiom CRM template is a simple yet powerful tool that tends to most of your essential needs. It will help you manage your entire sales in one app only, while tracking your contacts, calls, meetings, deals and events. Do you need more? Do not worry about it. We will not pretend to understand your needs better than yours. Workiom CRM is fully customizable and easy to modify.

From the first contact to the invoice, you can manage your sales process with this easy-to-use CRM template. 

The efficiency of the sales process means you will have more time to focus on closing the deals instead of organising the information, getting lost in emails, notes, excel sheet or other stuff. That means a simple, flexible CRM system is a must for every company. 
You can customise this template to fit your needs, add automations to streamline your sales process, create smart notifications to stay on track and at any point where you need help, just click on the live chat box to connect with our support team. 
This template has 6 lists:
Companies; leads, customers, former customers, all the details related to the companies we are connected with.

the most used list of the template where we have the information related to the people we are in contact with. You can track the lead status in kanban view, and move them through the sales funnel step-by-step. You can see past or scheduled calls/meetings with them and the related deals of the contact.

schedule and track the sales calls with contacts, add summaries, notes.

schedule and track the meetings with contacts, add summaries, notes.

track the deals with companies, contacts connected to the deal, related products/services, expected amount and final amount. You can add beginning and end dates to see the sales cycle durations.

add your products or services here with their prices and connect them to the deals.
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